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Barbie in Mesh

Uppity Blond Forced To Gag And Splutter

"Sexy blond milf Barbie Addison has got an attitude problem, and she needs to have it fucked out of her! She seems bored and dismissive as the cameraman interviews her, so he resolves to teach her a lesson. She strips and then gets down on her knees, taking the dick and swallowing it without ceremony. She has to be commanded to look up into the camera, and when she does so she looks quite bored. The cameraman decides then and there to get rough, gripping her by the back of the head and forcing his prick all the way down her throat. Previously she had only been taking less than half of the shaft, and now she really begins to gag!"


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Barbie at Stunners.com

"Meet Barbie Addison
This isn't your typical Barbie. This one likes it fast, hard and all day long! Barbie loves her little silver dildo and she's about to show you what goes on behind closed doors. Watch her spread those beautiful legs wide open and start working her pussy up hard! We've got more Barbie waiting for you at Stunners!"